Innovation & Technology

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Innovation & Technology

​​Chesterton is at the forefront of developing technology and innovative industrial solutions that impact process efficiency, regulatory compliance, and reduced energy consumption.​

Our strong record of ongoing innovation comes from a robust internal process that includes staying on top of the technical, regulatory, and workforce challenges that impact the industries we serve, along with clearly identifying challenges where customers need inventive solutions.

Among Chesterton's many award-winning and industry-enhancing innovations:

Chesterton AMPS™ (Automated Mechanical Packing System) Technology

Chesterton AMPS technology offers a unique approach to automatic loading of braided packing in rotating equipment. This technology helps keep leakage low, reduces maintenance, and improves sealing performance. It also enhances operator safety by allowing for remote gland load management. 

Split Seal Technology​

Chesterton designed the first commercially-viable split seal design, which forever simplified the installation of mechanical seals by eliminating the need for costly equipment disassembly. Many enhanced versions later,  we're still leading the pack with this ground-breaking technology in sizes up to (915 mm) 36 in​.  Our latest innovation: the Chesterton 442C Cartridge Split Seal​.​​

Gas Seal Face Technology

A new approach to gas seal design that incorporates a patented In-Gland Control System (IGCS) which dynamically controls gas pressure to process pressure —​allowing continued operations during gas disruptions and lowering gas consumption.  The Chesterton 4400 Dual Concentric Gas Seal has become the go-to gas seal for companies seeking improved performance.

Low Emissions Valve Packing

Valve stem packing technology, exemplified by Chesterton 1622 Low E Valve Packing, delivers extremely low emissions rates (average of 12 ppm) without gland adjustments over 1500 strokes and three temperature cycles.

Materials Technology​

AWC800: A proprietary high-performance polymer with a low co-efficient of friction and long elastic memory results in seals for hydraulic and pneumatic applications that offer reduced leakage and lower maintenance.

Chesterton's Innovative Sealing Design