Environmental Protection

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Environmental Protection

​​Protection of the world's resources and landscape is an integral part of Chesterton's business philosophy and in our operations. Our manufacturing efforts, product development plans, and customer solutions focus on:


We comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and protective standards and help our customers do the same.

Resource Reduction and Pollution Prevention

From emissions aba​tement solutions to water reduction programs, we help our clients meet their own sustainability goals. Chesterton's knowledge-backed solutions extend equipment life and reduce total cost of ownership—further lowering the consumption of raw materials and generated waste.​

Reducing Chesterton's Own Carbon Footprint

​We ensure all activities focus on reduction, reuse, and recycling whenever possible. Our carbon footprint reduction efforts have been recognized through state government awards.

Employee Environmental Awareness

​Throughout the year, we provide employees with environmental awareness training well beyond that required for the performance of their regular duties. This training focuses on the importance of developing environmental targets and objectives for our business, while carefully reviewing progress to guide our future actions. ​Continuous environmental improvement is an integral part of our company's culture.​