Our Approach

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Our Approach

Chesterton prides itself on its special core values, where social responsibility is truly embedded in the company's culture. We maintain a strong focus on environmental stewardship in our internal operations, as well as our support for customers, and work to balance societal needs along with economic viability of the organization.​

As a trusted partner, we take on the challenge of meeting our customer's unique needs, improving their operational reliability and performance, and helping them to make the world a cleaner place.

Guided​​ By Our Values

With over 1,250 dedicated employees in 32 countries around the world, we continue to expand our commitment to our customers, distributors, employees, and communities, and engage in more activities that result in a greener planet. Being a good corporate citizen is not only the right thing to do, but it also strengthens our company.

Our efforts extend from our own backyard—where we work to reduce manufacturing waste and even safeguard endangered turtles that reside on our headquarters’ property—to contributing to disaster relief efforts across the world.

Our Commitment

We strongly believe that corporate responsibility is a company-wide effort. We are accountable to our customers, the company, each other, our community, and the environment. New employees receive safety training starting on their first day, and a volunteer employee group monitors the company's ongoing safety success. Each employee's behavior is a reflection of the company. Chesterton ensures that all employees are well-versed in our ethics policy, and a third-party ethics hotline allows any concerns to be aired in total confidentiality.

Caring for Our Employees

Chesterton cares for its employees and believes it is important to treat each other with respect, honor individual needs for career development, stay healthy, and have fun. We have active, ongoing efforts to provide new skills training, professional growth seminars, and wellness programs. We are continuously striving to improve our employee engagement. Our "Great Place to Work" program empowers employees to provide new ideas and encourage them to create programs to drive change within the company that will make it an even more rewarding and enjoyable place to work.

I invite you to learn about Chesterton's other corporate responsibility initiatives and provide any feedback that may be helpful.

Andrew W. Chesterton
President & CEO​