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​Chesterton E-Books / White Papers​

Stop here for free downloads of e-books and white papers authored by our fluid sealing experts.  Learn helpful solutions and techniques to increase reliability and save on energy and maintenance costs.


​Surface Preparation Guide for Industrial Coatings
This helpful e-book explains the importance of proper surface preparation when using industrial coatings. It highlights both metal and concrete substrate surface preparation techniques and best practices along with several case studies. Download now.​


​State-of-the-Art Sealing Technologies for Water & Wastewater Plants

Learn more about two sealing technologies that can greatly lower maintenance costs and time, reduce or eliminate flush, and increase overall pump reliability. This e-book includes specific customer success stories. Download now.​

​​Six Steps to Increase Pump Packing Reliability in Mining & Ore Processing

In mining operations, small improvements in uptime can have a major impact on profitability. This e-book provides specific ways to increase uptime through more reliable pump packing. Download now.​​​​​​

The Impa​ct of ​​Sealing Systems on the ​Energy Efficiency of Pumps

Sealing systems can be one of the largest energy drains if not managed correctly. Learn how various seal support systems impact energy consumption, and which applications will yield the largest energy efficie​​ncy savings. Download now.​​​


​Using Split Seals to Save on Maintenance Costs

Seal maintenance on large rotary equipment such as pumps can be a time-consuming and costly exercise.  This e-book guides you through the benefits of using split seals on large pump applications and addresses how the technology can save time and money on maintenance tasks.  Learn about the many application areas where split seals can be used. Download now.​

Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems: Using Protective Coatings to Reduce Energy Demands

In this e-book learn how FGD assets can be protected with advanced surface enhancement coating technologies and how this effort can increase plant equipment reliability as well as the overall energy efficiency of the entire flue gas desulfurization plant. Download now.

​White Paper: Kaplan Seals - Steps to Improve Runner Blade Trunnion Sealing

A survey conducted among Kaplan turbine owners found that inefficient or failed blade trunnion seals cause more than 60% of Kaplan turbine leakage.  In this paper, we address best practices around selecting, installing, and supporting Kaplan runner blade trunnion seals to maximize your investments and efforts. Download now.​​


How to Extend the Life of Older Wood-Based Panel Hydraulic Presses

This e-book will help maintenance, operation, production, and EHS managers learn how high-performance sealing solutions/upgrades can cost effectively extend the life of older presses. Learn how upgrading cylinder sealing can pay off in reliability an​d long asset life.  Download now.​

​​Tech Tips to Seal Low E Valves​​​​​

Reducing emission levels can be tough, but it is key to saving your plant money. This guide will help you succeed in sealing your Low E valves to required levels and help keep profits in your pipes.​  Download now.​

​​Addressing Wear and Abrasion of Metals in the Mining Industry

This e-book highlights specific best practices to help protect metal equipment and structures fromthe harsh conditions and 24/7/365 demands of the mining and ore processing environment. Download now.​



​​Benefits of Non-Metallic Wear Rings for Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders and Presses

This e-book explains learn why using high performance, non-metallic wear ring solutions can help reduce the impact of transverse force on your cylinders. 

Download now.​​