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Chesterton AMPS™ (Automated Mechanical Packing System)
Maximize Performance with AMPS™ Active Loading Technology

Chesterton® AMPS (Automated Mechanical Packing System) technology offers a unique approach to automatic loading of braided packing in rotating equipment. This technology helps keep leakage low, reduces maintenance, and improves sealing performance. It also enhances operator safety by allowing for remote gland load management.

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AMPS Piston Actuator
AMPS Technology from Chesterton

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Chesterton AMPS Technology Controls Leakage in Large Wastewater Pump

This video shows how the AMPS technology enabled a customer in the wastewater industry to control leakage on a large pump by maintaining a constant load. Previously, it was difficult to adjust the packing due to limited access and safety concerns while the equipment was rotating.

Progressive Sealing Inc (PSI) started in 1980 and has been a Chesterton Distributor for Western Canada since inception. David Axelson a PSI veteran, has worked with this Vancouver WWTP for the entirety of his 39 year tenure as a Chesterton Specialist.

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Transformative Solutions: Chesterton AMPS Technology Resolving Problematic Hydropulper Leakage

This video highlights the improvements that the AMPS technology provides by showing a clear difference in leakage between the shaft with AMPS and the one without. Both pieces of equipment are in the same hydropulper and have been running for the same amount of time.

The AMPS Unit automatically adjusts to stuffing box pressure changes to keep a constant energizing force on the packing at all times. This process, known as Active Loading, maintains a uniform and consistent load that eliminates manual packing adjustments and maximizes performance and packing life.​​​


Case Study: AMPS™ Packing Technology Provides No-Torque Sealing for Difficult to Access Turbines

A hydroelectric station had several old turbines in a difficult location where it was impossible for staff to adjust packing while in operation. As packing lost compression over time, significant leakage occurred, leading to unplanned and costly shutdowns.​​​

DualPac 2212 Severe Slurry Packing was installed using Chesterton® AMPS Technology.
  • AMPS  technology applies the necessary compression for the packing and provides a long-lasting, smooth operation.
  • Costly shutdowns related to excess leakage were prevented.
  • Costs from excessive leakage were lowered and plant safety increased.
AMPS installed and in operation since April 2021
Equipment with AMPS technology installed on all four bolts

Case Study: Chesterton AMPS™ Technology Reduces Leakage and Improves Safety in Paper Mill​

A paper mill had leaking issues on a 13" hydro re-pulper, used to break down any defective paper to then be re-processed, requiring air to constantly be blown on the shaft to clear any pulp debris.The equipment is very hard to access, making any packing adjustments difficult and a safety a concern.

All four bolts were fitted with Chesterton AMPS™ double cylinder units and pressurized to 30 psi. A pressure regulator was mounted outside of the re-pulper “pit” so it can be adjusted without hunching over in the oily water.

  • After installation and the equipment restart, the AMPS technology is sealing with minimal leakage.
  • The packing can be adjusted from outside the “pit,” improving safety and ease of maintenance.
  • The customer is looking to install AMPS technology on another re-pulper.
Case Study: Paper Mill Improves Equipment Reliability and Safety with Chesterton® Solutions

A paper mill was having leaking issues from the gland bolts on a 4.25" washer vat re-pulper used to break down defective paper to then be reprocessed. The gland bolts were difficult to access, making packing adjustments challenging and safety a concern while equipment was running.

Three rings of ½” Chesterton 377 CarbMax™ packing were installed. Two bolts were fitted with Chesterton AMPS™ double cylinder units and pressurized to 2 bar g (30 psi).
  • After installation and equipment restart, the AMPS technology helped seal the equipment with minimal leakage.
  • The customer is now able to safely adjust the packing while the equipment is running.
  • Customer has not needed to make any additional adjustments.
Equipment with AMPS units installed on both bolts, enabling constant, even loading and offering the ability to safely make adjustments
​For more information:

Contact:  Ron Frisard
Director - Global Product Line Management
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